Member Forum: DD and High Behavioral Needs

September 19, 2019
We are holding a Member Forum on Thursday, September 19th, from 2:00 - 3:00 pm EST. This discussion is being organized at the request of a member to learn from other members about self-direction for individuals with a dual diagnosis of a developmental disability and high behavioral needs. This could be either a diagnosis of a serious mental illness, or a history of aggression or high risk behaviors.

The purpose of this Open Forum is for members to share program structures and tools that they have used to meet the needs of individuals in this situation. We are asking attendees to be prepared to address the following questions during the forum:

  • What program structures and tools have you used to meet the needs of people in this situation?
  • How have people accessed the expertise of behavior analysts or other professionals for individuals who are self-directing?
  • What resources are available for training family members to implement behavioral interventions at home?
  • What kinds of support is being provided by FMS entities? Through support brokerage or care coordination?
Please email for questions.