EVV Directory

In January 2018, Applied Self-Direction released a Request for Information (RFI) to identify EVV vendors interested in serving self-direction programs. It is important that EVV systems in self-direction programs meet the unique needs of self-directed services and the people who use them, which are often different from traditional personal care services.

The Directory of Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Vendors Interested in Serving Self-Direction Programs is based on the RFI responses. Inclusion in the directory is not an endorsement from Applied Self-Direction. 

In addition to basic contact information, vendors were given the option to complete a questionnaire that focused on issues related more specifically to the challenges of EVV implementation in self-direction. Vendor responses to these questions are available as a member-only resource in the directory. 

If you’re an EVV Provider interested in being included in the directory, you can submit your information here.