How We Can Help

As the Technical Assistance (TA), Training and Membership arm of the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services (NRCPDS), Applied Self-Direction supports self-direction stakeholders. Applied Self-Direction provides practical expertise intended to create and operate self-direction programs that run effectively and efficiently for individuals, states, managed care entities, Financial Management Services (FMS) providers, support brokerage entities and other stakeholders.


Applied Self-Direction offers membership options to FMS providers serving self-direction programs, state programs administering or seeking to administer self-direction programs and other stakeholders interested in learning more about self-direction. Applied Self-Direction also provides Technical Assistance (TA) and Training to assist stakeholders with designing, implementing, and operating self-direction programs.


The NRCPDS has offered a biennial FMS Conference since 2005. With the NRCPDS' move to Applied Self-Direction, Applied Self-Direction continues to build on the successful FMS Conference to host a Self-Direction Conference to help promote self-direction and educate the industry on best practices. Click here for more information on our 2019 Self-Direction Conference.

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