State Program Membership


State Program Membership at Applied Self-Direction is available to state agencies that administer, or seek to administer, self-direction programs.

We offer 3 levels of Program Membership. Open Program Membership (Tier 1) includes 2 hours of technical assistance and is available to state agencies at no cost. We also offer higher tiers of membership for state agencies who seek more intensive technical assistance. Tier placement is determined by the number of technical assistance hours required by the state. Our newest membership option for Program Members, State Focus, includes 10 monthly calls with our membership team. Members can use State Focus to problem-solve specific issues, discuss how other states approach similar situations, and/or schedule trainings led by our team of experts.

The Program Membership year runs from July 1st through June 30th. You may join at any time.

To receive more information about Program Membership, please contact

TA Projects

Examples of technical assistance (TA) projects we’ve worked on with our State Program Members include:

  • Transitioning a program from one model of Financial Management Services (FMS) to another (e.g., Agency with Choice to Fiscal/Employer Agent)
  • Creating Requests for Proposal (RFP) for FMS
  • Implementing budget authority in a self-direction program
  • Training state staff on administering self-direction programs
  • Understanding the FLSA Home Care Rule
  • Implementing quality improvement measures in self-direction programs
  • Detecting and preventing fraud and abuse in self-direction
  • Developing training for new support brokers/Information & Assistance providers
  • Training participants on being effective employers


Program Membership includes benefits such as:

  • Technical assistance from top experts in self-direction to build and improve your programs
  • Updates to stay on top of national and state policy and program developments for self-direction
  • Open forum webinars to answer your programmatic questions
  • Member-only webinars and trainings
  • Opportunities to provide feedback to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Department of Labor (DOL), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and other federal agencies


There are three levels of Program Membership available:

  1. Open Membership (Tier 1) is free and includes 2 hours of technical assistance.
  2. Customized Scope of Work (Tier 2-7) Program Membership includes additional hours of technical assistance for a fee.
  3. State Focus includes 10 monthly calls with our membership team. Each call will be up to one hour. Members can use these calls to problem-solve specific issues, discuss how other states approach similar situations, and/or schedule trainings led by our team for their staff. 
Membership Level Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 7 State Focus
TA Hours 2 hours 15 hours 30 hours 60 hours 100 hours 120 hours 150 hours 10 calls
Dues Rate Free $2,625 $4,950 $9,600 $15,500 $18,000 $22,500 $3,200




New members can apply for Program Membership online here.

Current members can email about signing up for tiered membership or State Focus. 


You can view the Program Membership directory here.

Steering Committee

The Program Membership Steering Committee is a subgroup of programs members that advises the NRCPDS at Applied Self-Direction on its Program Membership offerings. Steering Committee members include:

Program Member Agency Representative
Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing Rhyann Lubitz
Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities Kyla Mundwiller
North Carolina Division of Aging and Adult Services Mary Jo Littlewood
Ohio Department of Aging Tiffany Cooper
Oklahoma Department of Human Services Karla Selman

If you're interested in learning more about the Program Membership Steering Committee, please email