About Us

Applied Self-Direction staff bring decades of experience as consultants, federal and state administrators, people with lived experience self-directing, family members of people with disabilities, and Medicaid providers. Together, we work with self-direction programs to maximize the level of choice and control that participants can exercise over their services and supports. We help make self-direction programs more flexible, accessible, compliant, and person-centered. 

Applied Self-Direction is not a traditional advocacy organization, although we are proud to partner and collaborate with many disability advocacy groups. Instead, we are experts on the complex operations and infrastructure necessary to create an authentically self-directed, person-centered environment that meets all federal, state, and local rules and requirements. This includes labor, tax, and employment law, Medicaid rules and requirements, and more.

As part of our commitment to center the voice of participants in our work, Applied Self-Direction regularly solicits input from our Participant Council which includes people from across the United States who direct their own care or support a family member to do so. The Council provides feedback regarding our various projects, initiatives, and self-direction policy positions.