Avoiding the Wrong EVV Approach: “Perfect” EVV Records

December 9, 2020

As we discussed in our recent issue brief, some payers have elected to enforce EVV implementation in self-direction programs by denying reimbursement to FMS entities in the absence of a “perfect” EVV record. A perfect EVV record is defined as an EVV record that requires no manual editing or post-shift human intervention to be successfully processed and approved for payment. In many cases, there may be an imperfect EVV record even when an employee fully provided services as directed.

In an effort to comply with the requirements of the Cures Act, these payers may be inadvertently risking FLSA violation and increasing the likelihood of joint employment. During this member-only webinar, we will provide an overview of what we consider to be the wrong approach to “perfect” EVV records, why it creates issues, and what to do instead.

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