International Advances in Self-Direction: Themes from a Disability Leadership Exchange

May 13, 2021

Self-Direction Virtual Conference Series


International Advances in Self-Direction: Themes from a Disability Leadership Exchange

In 2019, HSRI and Applied Self-Direction (ASD) hosted an international learning exchange on self-direction and mental health. Presenters from HSRI and ASD will describe what they learned from the exchange and approaches of four participating countries’ self-direction programs. Presenters will share commonalities and differences in program design, shared challenges, and innovative approaches. This international perspective provides insights into the many ways to incorporate person-centered strategies and increase self-directed services globally. Presenters will close with future steps to improve quality of and access to self-direction.



Thursday, May 13th from 3-4 PM (EST). 



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Val BradleyValerie Bradley, President Emerita of HSRI, is a nationally recognized expert in the intellectual and developmental disabilities field. She has devoted her career to working with public agencies and other researchers to strengthen services, improve programs, and inform policy—all as an early and staunch advocate for the direct participation of people with disabilities in these efforts. Val is particularly passionate about helping organizations measure and improve the quality of community-based services and supports. When Val founded HSRI in 1976, her vision was to combine a rigorous approach to research with the necessary technical assistance and advocacy to support valued lives in the community for all, with a focus on real choice and control for all people.


Bevin CroftBevin Croft is a Research Associate at HSRI whose work is informed by principles of self-determination, recovery, and the social determinants of health. She uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods and works with participatory approaches, in keeping with the “nothing about us without us” mantra of the disability rights and consumer/survivor/ex-patient movements. She conducts research and evaluation projects that add to the evidence-base for specific interventions or approaches, while other projects are more global in scope, pulling together research evidence and best practice to support state and local agencies to improve service and support systems.


Miso KwakMiso Kwak, Policy Analyst at HSRI, is passionate about improving supports and services for people with disabilities. Miso currently serves as a project coordinator for the National Center on Advancing Person-Centered Practices and Systems (NCAPPS), an initiative from the Administration for Community Living and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  Additionally, Miso has a wealth of experiences, including teaching music, blogging, and facilitating intergroup dialogues. She played an instrumental role in starting Disability Disclosed, an inaugural student publication on disability at Harvard University.


Highsmith Rich

Highsmith Rich is a Research and Technical Assistance Analyst at Applied Self-Direction. She graduated from Boston College with a Master’s degree in mental health counseling, specializing in both quantitative and qualitative research relating to underserved populations. A Certified Options Counselor, her expertise lies in the intersection of mental health and advocacy. She has extensive training and experience working directly with individuals creating individualized treatment and care plans and person-centered therapy. At Applied Self-Direction, Highsmith is involved with research initiatives designed to advance understanding of the self-directed service delivery model and enhance service delivery to individuals receiving self-directed services.


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