From Snap Bracelets to Smart Watches: Paid Family Caregiving Research Over the Years

May 26, 2021

Self-Direction Virtual Conference Series


From Snap Bracelets to Smart Watches: Paid Family Caregiving Research Over the Years

Paying family caregivers has been an option for decades, but it has taken on new prominence during the pandemic. This panel will look back at how paying family caregivers has always been an important part of self-direction, including research dating back to the 1980's, new policy directions that hold promise for making it more available, and research that listens to the individuals who self-direct and their family about how important this option is for them.



Wednesday, May 26th from 3-4 PM (EST). 



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Carrie Blakeway AmeroCarrie Blakeway Amero has worked in the field of long-term services and supports for 20+ years. Before joining AARP as Director for Long-Term Services and Supports in 2020, she was a senior manager, policy analyst, and researcher at The Lewin Group for 17 years. Her work has focused on improving service systems for people who are aging, people with disabilities, people with chronic conditions, and their caregivers. In particular, she focuses on addressing issues related to improving how people access needed services, integrating health and human service systems, and LTSS workforce development.


Merle Edwards-OrrMerle Edwards-Orr is an Executive Technical Assistance Consultant at Applied Self-Direction. Merle has developed, implemented and managed self-direction programs from within state government and help lead a national self-direction program. With the State of Vermont, Merle ran their Cash & Counseling Program and the quality management efforts for programs serving seniors and adults with disabilities, with a particular focus on case management and adult day services.  In 2012, he moved to the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services (NRCPDS) at Boston College to lead development of a self-directed option for all Veterans needing long-term care, on behalf of the Veterans Health Administration. He moved with NRCPDS to Applied Self-Direction in the fall of 2016.


Ellen K. Mahoney, Ph.D., RN, FGSA is an Associate Professor at the Connell School of Nursing. The focus of her research is on promoting quality of life and quality of services and supports for individuals living with chronic illness or disability and their family caregivers and in developing and evaluating innovative interventions to improve outcomes and impact practice and policy.



Lori Simon-RusinowitzLori Simon-Rusinowitz, M.P.H., Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, Department of Health Services Administration and a faculty member in the Center on Aging. Her research has addressed aging and disability policy issues for over 20 years. From 1995-2013, Dr. Simon-Rusinowitz served as Research Director for the self-direction Cash & Counseling program at the National Resource Center on Participant-Directed Services. This applied policy research played a key role in introducing self-direction to the aging community and informed the current focus on patient-centered health services. Dr. Simon-Rusinowitz also led background research exploring self-direction and behavioral health services. She has published and presented extensively on these national projects.


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