Straightforward EVV Compliance, With Zero Intrusion: Introducing CareAttend  

May 20, 2021

Self-Direction Virtual Conference Showcase

As an integral part of our Self-Direction Virtual Conference Series, vendors have the chance to demonstrate their products during our showcase. Applied Self-Direction does not endorse any particular showcase vendor or product. 

Straightforward EVV Compliance, With Zero Intrusion: Introducing CareAttend  

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) requirements have a daily impact on self-directed care, however individuals who self-direct need the flexibility to manage care as they always have, with the assurance that their privacy is protected. Join us for a discussion on how Financial Management Services (FMS) can comply while keeping both caregivers and participants happy- and making your operations more efficient.  

Showcase presenters will share insight on how EVV implementation is shaping up for the self-directed segment.  Then they will demonstrate EVV in action. CareAttend, powered by CellTrak, was tailor-built for the self-directed market with an emphasis on simple compliance, improved efficiency, and support for caregivers.  

Presenters will share why CareAttend is the choice for the largest FMS providers to: 

  • Simplify compliance with each unique set of state and payor EVV regulations
  • Improve efficiency for caregivers, consumers, and administrative staff
  • Support caregivers to submit service documentation in a hassle-free way
  • Easily train and deploy new users
  • Expedite claims reimbursement



Thursday, May 20th from 3-3:30 PM (EST). 



Registration is free but limited to the first 500 registrants. You can register here



Matthew GarciaMatthew Garcia leads the self-direction service line at CellTrak. Matt has spent 10+ years in healthcare, primarily in home health, working with both SaaS vendors and providers in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. He has spent the last 18months with CellTrak self-directed customers, prospects, and industry leaders getting a deeper understanding of the self-directed model to help position CellTrak’s EVV offering as one that is accepted by consumers and participants as a vital tool in advancing their independence in the care they elect.​



Courtney MartinCourtney Martin leads Electronic Visit Verification programs for CellTrak.  She has spent the last several years closely monitoring regulations at the Federal level and working with states as they create implementation plans.  She has spoken at numerous industry events and also advises states, state associations, and providers on EVV strategy and implementation.  Courtney is part of the Partnership for Medicaid Home-Based Care, a cross-industry group made up of providers, vendors, and state associations, which collaborates and advocates for providers and patients.



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