An Untapped Funding Approach: Using Medicaid to Pay for Live-In Caregiver Housing and to Offset Wages for Care

June 16, 2021

Self-Direction Virtual Conference Series


An Untapped Funding Approach: Using Medicaid to Pay for Live-In Caregiver Housing and to Offset Wages for Care

Medicaid does not pay the room and board costs for a Medicaid recipient receiving home and community-based services. However, under a specific area of Medicaid law, Medicaid will pay the proportionate room and board costs of a live-in personal care worker. 

This session will discuss how the caregiver’s free housing can in effect act as a rent subsidy for a Medicaid recipient who otherwise cannot afford housing. In addition, under Department of Labor rules, the free housing for the live-in caregiver can also offset wages otherwise owed to the caregiver for providing personal care to the Medicaid recipient. In effect, the same Medicaid dollar can assist the Medicaid recipient to afford rent, provide free housing for the caregiver, and offset wages for care provided.



Wednesday, June 16th from 3-4 PM (EST). 



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James Toews is an Executive Technical Assistance Consultant at Applied Self-Direction and the former Acting Principal Deputy Director of the Administration for Community Living (ACL). James started his career in direct services to people with disabilities in community settings. After moving to state government, he was the Director of Developmental Disability Services for the state of Oregon from 1985-2001 and was the Director of Oregon’s state agency for Aging and Disability Services from 2001-2011. From 2011 to 2016, James was a Senior Advisor at ACL and was named acting Deputy Director in 2017. At ACL, James worked concurrently at CMS on implementation of the HCBS settings regulation; at the US Department of Labor on implementation of new FLSA regulations for home care workers; and at the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division on pending Olmstead litigation in multiple states.



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