Health and Safety

Between now and April, we will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 and the public health guidance regarding travel and large gatherings. Our goal is to bring the self-direction community together for a safe and meaningful conference. While we are excited and optimistic about the 2022 Self-Direction Conference, we remain committed to safeguarding everyone in attendance. 

All attendees, staff, presenters, and vendors are required to be fully vaccinated or show proof of negative COVID-19 status. We will implement additional health and safety protocols appropriate to the public health circumstances existing at the time of the conference. Those protocols may include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • testing;
  • proof of negative COVID-19 status and/or vaccination and/or antibody status;
  • self-monitoring;
  • biometric screening;
  • symptom checkers;
  • contact tracing;
  • wearing a mask mandate;
  • use of additional personal protective equipment, social distancing, and space management; and/or
  • other similar measures.

Compliance with some or all of the protocols may be mandatory for in-person attendance and participation at the conference. Additional information regarding the specific health and safety measures, and any necessary consents, will be communicated to attendees prior to the first day of the conference. In addition to the protocols listed above, we are committed to:

  • complying with public health rules and regulations;
  • monitoring and sharing local, state, and federal guidelines, including mask guidance;
  • utilizing the hotel’s outdoor terrace for meals and the reception;
  • promoting and implementing social distancing throughout the conference including meeting rooms, exhibit space, meals, and all common spaces;
  • working with the hotel to ensure a hyper-focus on cleanliness, health, and safety; and
  • ensuring meals will be protected with a sneeze guard and will be served by attendants with prepackaged, single-use flatware to minimize attendee touchpoints.

We recognize that the situation and applicable guidance will continue to evolve between now and April. Please check back frequently for updates. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us


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