Innovation in Self Direction: Kevin J. Mahoney

Kevin MahoneyKevin Mahoney is widely recognized as an early and impactful champion of self direction. As National Program Director for the Cash & Counseling (C&C) Demonstration and Evaluation, he provided the field with a solid foundation of research evidence and practice guidance for self direction. This project and its subsequent replications have resulted in hundreds of thousands of people self-directing, and now every state in the country has some form of self direction.

Since C&C Kevin has continued to use his unique and formidable ability to link research, policy, and practice to advance self direction throughout the world. He founded the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services (NRCPDS), partnered with schools of social work throughout the country to develop and implement curricula on person-centered and self-directed services and supports, and currently leads a large-scale demonstration and evaluation to advance the evidence for and practice of self direction for persons with serious mental health conditions. In each of these roles, he has also been a supportive and thoughtful mentor to many administrators, advocates, and researchers who share his passion for self-determination and systems transformation.

Here are some words from Kevin's peers:

"Kevin is responsible for over one million individuals self-directing today. He was the heart and soul of Cash & Counseling which is still is the essential model today. His belief in self-direction has been unstoppable. Kevin’s legacy will be to provide services to those with chronic illnesses a better way of life."

“Kevin has brought a range of skills to the task of expanding self direction including pollical acumen, academic prowess, human understanding, and advocacy expertise born of his commitment as a parent of a child with disabilities.”

"When England was thinking of introducing self direction in 2008, Kevin came to a meeting here to share his experience of Cash and Counseling. That influence has continued through the international exchanges undertaken as part of IIMHL. His willingness to share his expertise has benefited several countries and accelerated innovation in self direction internationally."

“No one has done more to understand, promote and improve self direction than Kevin Mahoney. No one.”