Self-Direction Worldwide: No Passports Required ✈

April 1, 2021

The 2021 Self-Direction Virtual Conference Series will include two different sessions on self-direction around the world. (Can you tell we miss traveling??) 

On Wednesday, May 5th, Lynn Breedlove, from the Wisconsin Long-Term Care Coalition, will lead the session, Self-Direction Worldwide: What Can We Learn From Each Other? This session will discuss how self-direction is working around the world including how other countries perceive the underlying values of self-direction and their impetus for creating self-direction programs. Lynn will examine the supports available in other countries to help people be successful in self-direction and discuss whether any of these support strategies would be “value-added” for self-direction in the U.S. The session will also look at the threats and obstacles to self-direction that people are facing around the world, and how we could unify our efforts to overcome them.

Then, on Thursday, May 13th, speakers from HSRI and Applied Self-Direction (ASD) will lead the session, International Advances in Self-Direction: Themes from a Disability Leadership Exchange. In 2019, HSRI and ASD hosted an international learning exchange on self-direction and mental health. During this session, presenters will describe what they learned from the exchange and approaches of four participating countries’ self-direction programs. Presenters will share commonalities and differences in program design, shared challenges, and innovative approaches. This international perspective provides insights into the many ways to incorporate person-centered strategies and increase self-directed services globally. Presenters will close with future steps to improve quality of and access to self-direction. 

Your travel checklist: Register for Self-Direction Worldwide: What Can We Learn From Each Other? and International Advances in Self-Direction: Themes from a Disability Leadership Exchange, share the session information with others in your network, and buckle up for two great sessions on self-direction around the world. Bon Voyage!

You can also view the Self-Direction Virtual Conference Series schedule here. We are adding more sessions each day!