Want to Effect Change with Policy Makers? 2 Week Reminder!

August 26, 2020

This next year will be pivotal for self-direction. We want to help our members advocate for the change they want to see with policymakers and funders.

We hope you will join us for an online course with Andy Burness, a longtime advisor of self-direction and the founder of Burness, a DC-based communications firm with a long history of helping clients create social change.

This 12-week course will prepare executives, program staff, government relations staff, program participants, and family members to strategically work with funders, policymakers, and more to promote and advance their programs and policies. Andy has customized a course he teaches at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government exclusively for self-direction.

Starting on Wednesday, September 9th, the course will meet virtually every other week through December 2nd from 2:00-3:30 PM (EST). Each 90-minute class will include an interactive lecture led by Andy, interaction with other classmates, and Q&A. Optional office hours will be held during the off-weeks from 2-3 PM (EST) for you to ask Andy more questions and continue the conversation from the previous class. You can view the full course schedule here.

You have an opportunity to do optional reading to supplement class learning, but the primary time commitment is attending the biweekly class. At the end of the course, participants will be advancing self-direction with new strategies, approaches, and tools -- helping programs and policies reach their full potential.

Were you budgeting for our Self-Direction Conference? Due to the pandemic, we are postponing our 2021 in-person conference. We will be scheduling a variety of virtual events throughout the year so we can continue to learn, connect, and advance self-direction. This online course is a chance to effect change differently this year.

The first class begins in two weeks, so sign-up today! Members receive a discounted registration rate. Email membership@appliedselfdirection.com for the coupon code.

We hope you’ll be able to join us for this incredible opportunity!