Outstanding Involvement in Self-Direction: Tony Sampson

Tony SampsonMr. Sampson has been using Self-Directed Services since 2006. Mr. Sampson connected with a team of people who assist those who want to leave their current situation (usually group homes) and planned together with this team. He subsequently moved out of his group home with 24 hour supervision and into his own apartment. Tony also made the decision to leave his work enclave and found a position at Home Depot.

There were people who felt strongly that Mr. Sampson’s decisions were a mistake, and they shared their concerns in a way that was disrespectful. Rather than being discouraged, these criticisms were motivating for his team in supporting his decisions to make important changes. Apartments and roommate defeats and successes are part of life and Mr. Sampson has them. No behavior programs exist in the life that he leads and lives now.

Mr. Sampson arranges his budget exactly to fit his exact needs. He realizes that leading everything is possible and as a result he took back his ability to manage his finances (and discontinued his representative payee). Mr. Sampson is instrumental in being a referral for others who are interested in self-directed services and spreading the word!

As he says, it has not been easy, but no matter what, he would never go back and never give up the freedom of directing his service and living his life the way he is doing now.