Outstanding Leadership of Self Direction Program Design: Kyla Mundwiller

Kyla Mundwiller is an outstanding example of an administer who has and continues to exhibit outstanding leadership in the design of Missouri’s Self-Directed Services (SDS). Since Kyla took over the program in approximately 2008, she has seen close to an 800% growth rate, currently serving slightly more than 1,500 individuals with developmental disabilities. There was a time when timesheets were manually entered by Regional State staff and Case Managers and Regional State staff were responsible for employer and employee enrollment packets. Not anymore. With Kyla’s leadership, SDS is fully integrated with roles clearly identified for continued success. Kyla has clearly proven her role as an outstanding professional and visionary leader as a program administrator. She engaged directly in the re-writing of the Missouri CMS waiver to ensure an infrastructure that would support SDS. She created roles, tools, and process to support this. A few of examples that separate the SDS program in MO from the clear majority of programs across the states are:

  • Self-Directed Supports Coordinators. This role is an infrastructure of state staff located in 11 regions throughout the state. This role is dedicated to the enhancement and growth of SDS. In addition, their roles provide approval, monitoring, and Medicaid oversight to those individuals who are using SDS. They provide technical assistance and authorization approval as well.
  • Regional training for the Service Coordinators who take on a similar role as a Case Manager to ensure knowledge transfer of the SDS option.
  • Fully integrated and up to date website dedicated to SDS. As well as functioning as an invaluable resource for all involved in SDS, it is a great example of the multiple tools and documents created under Kyla’s leadership.
  • Support Broker role to assist individuals needing more help self-directing. This option does not come out of the individual’s budget should they chose to utilize that role for assistance.
  • Service documentation notes tied to the individual’s employees work shift. This provides the necessary documentation to ensure that service was provided. This helps protect the service during CMS audits. •
  • Statewide Individual Budget allocation process.
  • Incorporated LifeCourse tools into training.
  • Achieved 98% electronic submission of timesheets, notes, and monthly summaries. This provides the state almost instant access to assure services are on target.
  • Guide to present common mistakes and fraud. Information that empowers the individual with the knowledge needed to self-direct.

Aside from her dedication to providing education and resources to the families in Missouri, Kyla is dedicated, passionate and visionary in her quest to secure a future for SDS. Kyla is respected across the state, from the individuals self-directing to the individuals/agencies who work with her.