Outstanding Worker in Self Direction: Brad Perry

Fifteen years ago, Brad Perry answered our ad looking for support for our son Ben who has autism. Ben was 5 at the time. Brad was great with building a connection with Ben. We always knew he was well looked after and Ben loved Brad. Over the years, even with changing schedules and circumstances, Brad continues to be a part of Ben's life. Brad has included Ben in many of his own family’s events. Ben has gone camping with Brad and his sons, attended Brad’s son’s wrestling matches, and gone to countless movies with Brad’s family. Ben is not an active person, but Brad always inspires Ben to want to get some much-needed exercise. Brad has been Ben's favorite arm wrestling opponent, until some months ago when Brad broke his arm while they were arm wrestling. We don't have family actively involved in Ben's life, sadly he is not the favorite nephew or grandchild. But Brad has always been there, and treated him like he was someone special. He comes to all of Ben's plays and his graduation. He's there whenever we need him. We are incredibly grateful for having him in our lives. Brad is an amazing person with a beautiful heart.