Outstanding Worker in Self-Direction: Faith Fritz

Faith FritzI am writing to nominate our amazing personal assistant Faith, who has worked with our daughter Caitlin for almost 3 years. Being a caregiver is a hard but rewarding job and when you find the right person it makes all the difference in the individual’s life and care!

Faith had experience working at an adult day center and wanted to make a difference in an individual’s life! There was a strong bond and connection instantly between her and Caitlin.

Faith began planning her days with meaningful activities and making new friends. One of the first things she did was create a Facebook page for caregivers, parents, and individuals with disabilities. Networking online and creating events to meet in the community gave individuals the opportunities to make new friends and caregivers much needed support and friendship as well. It also allows parents to find caregivers for their self-directing children.

Faith and I have presented at numerous conferences on how we make self-direction work and all the benefits! Tonda Lain, program manager in Missouri for Public Partnership was at one of our presentations. She was so impressed with our story that she did a feature story about Faith and Caitlin.

My daughter Caitlin may be non-verbal and need help achieving her goals, but she is so much happier having a best friend like Faith. Caitlin is able to go out in the community like other typical 27-year-old girls and enjoy life!

I would love to honor Faith with this award as she goes above and beyond and is always thinking of Caitlin first! There is so much more I could add and share about their amazing success and how self-directing our daughters supports made this possible!