Program Design and Evaluation

The choices made around design can contribute to the program’s success or present implementation challenges that may be difficult to resolve in the future. Our team can offer a wide range of TA on topics such as:

  • Employer authority
  • Spectrum of budget authority
  • Assisting in the development and management of individual budgets: making goods and services work in your program
  • Background checks
  • Strategies for expanding, standardizing, or simplifying your self-direction program
  • Implementing self-direction in complex environments (managed care, Medicaid/Medicare eligible, etc.)
  • Supporting compliance with federal policies
  • Examining ways to ensure self-direction has a neutral financial impact and developing a funding structure for self-direction
  • Assessing the efficiency of self-direction program
  • Developing programs supporting employment opportunities through participant preparation, training, and on-the-job coaching