8 Ways to Become the "MacGyver" of Self-Direction Advocacy

2017 Self-Direction Conference Breakout Session: A rapidly growing number of people have become interested in and are successfully directing their services, hiring their own staff, and being in charge of their lives. However, there are still obstacles to overcome some "old school" thinking related to self-direction. Rumors about self-direction abound including, “it takes too much time”, “he isn’t ‘appropriate’ for self-direction”, “ you must have a lot of people in your life to pull it off”, “only people that can “tell us” what they want are candidates.”

This interactive workshop provides resources, ideas, and concrete examples of creative solutions for self-direction advocacy. How do you advocate in your circles to increase self-directed services with obstacles such as the perception that only people with families can self-direct, people with significant support needs can’t self-direct, it takes too long to get started?

Presenters covered fraud, changing regulations, communication between agencies, and the workforce crisis. When the session was completed, attendees had 8 different arguments for why self-direction is a great option for people with disabilities. A perfect session for state professionals, case managers, support brokers, resource coordinators, or FMS staff.