Advancing Best Practices to Expand Access to Self-Direction

A decade ago, UnitedHealthcare Community & State (UHCCS) formed the National Advisory Board (NAB) to serve as an independent advisory council to provide input to UnitedHealthcare in actively engaging members, providers, advocacy groups, and other key stakeholders in the design and delivery system that supports individuals with special health care needs. In 2022, the NAB examined the challenges and opportunities affecting access to self-direction. Wanting to dive deeper into the opportunities to expand access to self-direction, the NAB partnered with Applied Self-Direction to examine the processes and practices of UHCCS with the goal of finding ways to broaden access to self-direction either through advocating for policy changes or modifying internal practices. 

Join UHCCS leader and NAB organizer Michelle Martin, Disability Thought Leader and NAB member Jennifer Kucera, and the team from Applied Self-Direction to hear about this important work, their findings, and how UHC is using the findings to improve and expand access to self-direction.

The slides are available under File(s). Watch the recording on YouTube