The Alliance: Growing Self-Direction from the Ground Up

The Alliance for Citizen Directed Supports is growing a national community of self-direction from the ground up. What does that mean? How is that accomplished? Why is it imperative? And how can you become an essential part of this national community? Whether you're an individual or part of an agency or organization, this session discusses how the Lives-in-Progress project, Full Inclusion Microgrants, and online webinars mobilize the power of individuals' lives-in-progress, dismantle common barriers to access (including communication, cost, and cultural misassumptions), contribute to public policy discussions, and work across race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and disability to create and nurture a national community grounded in mentorship and practical knowledge.  All of this to advance and sustain self-direction as a viable option for all who want to take control of their lives, designing and directing their own support services.

The slides are available under File(s) and the recording is available here