A Day, A Week, A Life: Family Caregivers on the Front Line

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We all agree that individuals with disabilities are entitled to receive support and that support should be in their homes and communities. So, it only makes sense we should be paying the best people to provide that support. In many instances, this is a family member. Families may live with the person receiving services, attend appointments, and so much more. They often know the person best. States took advantage of the flexibilities enabled by the Appendix K waivers to address caregiver shortages during the COVID pandemic, allowing families to make use of family caregivers. States recognize that family caregivers can help solve the caregiver shortage and are particularly a vital part of service delivery in rural areas and for people of color. Yet despite the success of this policy, it is uncertain if states will continue to allow family member caregivers to be compensated. Very few states allowed family caregivers to be paid prior to COVID. Do we have “proof of concept” now, so to speak? This session will present the real-life experiences of family caregivers, encouraging policies that support families in several ways.

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