FMS Provider Perspectives on EVV Best Practices for Self-Direction

Electronic visit verification (EVV) implementation poses significant challenges to self-direction stakeholders but also presents opportunities for greater efficiency and transparency. Financial Management Services (FMS) providers typically play a lead role in implementing EVV in self-direction programs. They have an on-the-ground perspective about the unique operational challenges presented by EVV and work closely with participants to adapt to their needs and preferences in managing EVV.

In an effort to capture this collective wisdom, the National Self-Direction Policy Workgroup, a group of FMS leaders convened by Applied Self-Direction, contributed to a new report on FMS perspectives on best practices for EVV implementation. This session provides a synopsis of the new report including the benefits and harms of EVV,  workload and compliance issues, the impact on the direct care workforce, and the best practices for EVV systems and policies. 

The slides are available under FIle(s). Watch the recording on YouTube.