Personal Supports Budgets as a Means for Promoting Self-Direction: Balancing Ideology with Fiscal Discipline Within a LifeCourse Framework

2017 Self-Direction Conference Breakout Session: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) support systems are faced with increasing demand for supports that promote self direction and community integration. Policymakers, however, must respond within a context involving fiscal uncertainties, workforce concerns, and a reliance on legacy systems. It is understood that service systems must change in response to these challenges. This requires that policymakers work through a myriad of policy options that often conflict. Personal Support Budgets are being used by many states as a means for increasing self direction throughout the IDD service system. The LifeCourse Framework provides an overarching means for viewing systems design that considers a whole-life approach throughout the lifespan. This presentation explained the process of establishing personal supports budgets through a LifeCourse lens.