Teaching Public Speaking Skills and Creating Opportunities for Self Advocates

There has been a long-standing interest in including people with disabilities in community and agency outreach, training, and development projects. While there are many people with disabilities who are enthusiastic about public speaking and outreach efforts, there are few training and mentoring opportunities to help them attain the necessary skills and experience.

To promote public speaking skill development for self-advocates, the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS) piloted a training series and developed a curriculum that was made available to providers and community agencies in 2020.

During this session, DDS and 3 public speaking course graduates discuss the training project, review the curriculum, and share next steps for the graduates as well as other programs that may want to adapt the curriculum. The goal of this session is to advance opportunities for others to be speakers and leaders!

The slides are available under (File(s) and the recording is available on YouTube. You can also view the training curriculum here.